Javier Rodríguez

Designer. Product Builder.

Spaniard back in Spain after some time abroad.

I spend my time working on building projects I do care about, involved in every stage of development and specially focused on graphic design, product design and product development. Photography, video, writing and videogames are some of the things I love.

Caff 2.0

January 2019 - Today

From the lessons learnt building the first iteration of Caff back in 2015 we decided that the timing was right to start it all over with a complete different approach.

Caff is still built from the ground up as a "online Café" where Spanish speaking people can discuss whatever they want, safely and conveniently.

We designed everything knowing "content is king", the design system makes the user focus on reading and writing, while everything is familiar but everything feels new.

  • "Content is King", no frills.
  • Simplicity and solid principles.
  • It works for the user.

Brand identity: Sideriske

April 2018

The Twitch streamer Sideriske was in need of a new identity. So this happened.

This work consists of a set of still images, scenes, transitions, dynamic alerts with sound effects and a complete design language around the channel mascot: Genki the Cat.

The whole design was crafted with cuteness and energy on mind, constant, smooth and rapid movement for every dynamic element and pastel colors with an electric touch; all to be put together by the naughty and energetic channel mascot.

  • Genki the cat as the protagonist.
  • Consistency. Effective mood setting.
  • "Love at first sight" mindset.

Pottermore: The Game

October 2016

I love Harry Potter and I love what the folks at Niantic did with Pokémon Go, so here's my humble approach to bringing the wizarding world of Harry Potter to life!

With Pottermore: The Game I've tried to keep some core elements of Pokémon Go which I found amazing but at the same time introducing new ones so players will feel they are actual wizards, like houses, quests, learning, training and the funniest part, lots of hidden secrets!

  • A weekend project, just for fun.
  • Project focused on game and UX design and development.
  • Featured on Behance.

Hop Raider

February 2016

You're exploring a volcano, what could possibly go wrong? Lava, of course! Hop Raider is a fast paced, one tapper platformer game designed and developed in less than a month.

Hop Raider brings back the feeling of the old-but-gold Mario games in a way it's easy and fun to play on mobile, that is, with no buttons. The goal of the game is to get as high as possible while escaping the magma under your feet.

The charts breaking game Leap Day worked on the same idea of Hop Raider in terms of both design and playability, while Mario Run is pretty similar in concept.

  • Pixel art design.
  • One tapper, infinite runner game.

Blimp Journey

April 2016

Probably the fastest-developed game ever. My friends and I both designed and developed Blimp Journey in under a weekend while working on Hop Raider so we could have a side project to relax and experiment with.

Blimp Journey is essencially a beautifull implementation of Flappy Bird, focused on helping players meditate and chill.

  • Playability extremely similar to Flappy Bird.
  • Simple design inspired on Alto's Adventure and Firewatch.
  • Chill out music and effects, great atmospheric feeling.

Peach Maps

April 2016

A custom web client of Apple Maps developed used Apple Map API from its Keynote dedicated site. It was able to search adresses, points of interest and even get directions to them until Apple shut us down.

Peach Maps got featured on the press as a feat of clever reverse engineering and a glimpse of how an actual Apple Maps web client could look like.

  • Minimal Apple-like design.
  • Designed and developed in one day.


June 2015 – November 2015

What are people talking about? Caff is a mobile first forum app, similar to reddit in its core.

Caff launched with features that months later were implemented on the official reddit mobile client, 9Gag's Cookie and Twitter.

  • Minimal mobile-first design.
  • Multi platform app available on iOS, Android and browser.
  • Innovative features.
  • Multimedia-focused.

River Bunch

January 2015

Tim the Thing just laid eggs, time to protect them from the angry, evil flies!

River Bunch is my first game ever. Designed and developed in about a month's time, it's a fast paced arcade reminiscent of Space Invaders.

  • Cartoon style.
  • Friendly, fun characters.
  • Designed with children in mind.


September 2012 – February 2015

A news reader that works for you; with content aggregation, automatic clasiffication and social features.

Front is my first project ever, developed during several months and online during several years, eventually shut down. Despite it being serious, Front was my laboratory and where I started thinking professionally about design. Many of its core features where later adopted by Facebook Instant Articles and Yahoo Newsroom, among others.

  • Flat, minimal design.
  • UI/UX focused on ease of use.
  • Lots of experimental features.